I Still Have This Dream

Robert Coyne & Jaki Liebezeit

(Meyer Records, 2016)
i still have thisd ream by rovwebert coyne and jaki liebezeit


1. Cockney Mystic
2. Another Layer Of Mud
3. Ball Of Light
4. Soothing Sounds
5. Tough To Love
6. I Still Have This Dream
7. Over
8. In The Rehearsal Room
9. Slow Down
10. Thank You (I've Got The Idea)
11. And Out

Robert Coyne: acoustic guitar, electric guitar on tracks 3 and 5, keyboards, bass guitar on track 10, vocals
Jaki Liebezeit: drums
Aglaja Camphausen: cello, vocals on track 3
Wendy Coyne: vocals on track 6


i still have this dream by robert coyne and jaki liebezeit
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robert coyne
Robert Coyne and Werner Steinhauser, 'I Still Have This Dream' tour, 2016 (photo: Stefan Voit)


" ... On 'Soothing Sounds' and the title track, Coyne's guitar-picking and Aglaja Camphausen's cello wind deliciously around Liebezeit's simple syncopations, while the 11-minute plus 'Thank You (I've Got The Idea)' is a brilliantly arranged manipulation of space and sound." 4/5 stars
(Mike Barnes, Mojo magazine)

"Simple lyrics, almost Zen like in their sparseness, backed by wonderful instrumentation... Coyne and Liebezeit manage to weave layers within the songs, the guitar mesmerising at times as on 'In The Rehearsal Room' where Coyne's nimble picking throws flurries of notes in the listener's direction... The album is a fine late night listen, the spare rhythms something of a balm."
(Paul Kerr, Blabber 'n' Smoke)

"This is the third disc of this alliance and it's surprising that it continues to work, especially given such a minimalistic approach - Jaki colouring with percussion, Robert whispering and caressing nuances with acoustic guitar. Above all it works because the songs are beautiful."
(Sergio Martos, Ruta 66 Magazine)


"Awash in subtle, deft changes in mood and style... sophisticated and artful. Interesting, and most certainly a creative pairing who know each other as well as they know themselves."
(Maurice Hope, Flyinshoes Review)


"The third of a series of increasingly amazing albums, I Still Have This Dream is a stunning composition of songs with a gentle, relaxing and tender tone... Coyne and Liebezeit are a masterful pair of musicians, each with their own specialist areas; when combined they have the power to make their music feel minimalistic and grandiose at the same time."
(Joe Knipe, Artree)


"A well-crafted, fully realised body of work." 7.8/10
(Steve Janes,

" Incisively compelling songs... Jaki Liebezeit has the less-is-more approach down to a featherlight but funky art. 'I Still Have This Dream' unfurls like a pastoral, psychedelic whisper as Liebezeit's skeletal pulses underpin Coyne's understated vocals and guitars." 4/5 stars (Kris Needs, Record Collector magazine)

wendy coyne and rosa
Wendy Coyne (photo: teddave)


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