Woodland Conspiracy

Robert Coyne

(Meyer Records, 2010)
woodland conspiracy by rob coyne


1. How Did You Do
2. Silken Ears
3. May I Be The First
4. Theme Tune
5. Lassie Come Home
6. Old Misery
7. Lady Of The Manor
8. Were You Here At All
9. Woodland Conspiracy
10. Paul Koala
11. Brand-new Blues
12. Heart Full Of Lead
13. Let's Give It To 'em Right Now
14. What A Pleasure It's Been
15. Follow Me
16. Sugar Candy Taxi (Live)

Robert Coyne: acoustic guitar, Fender Rhodes, vocals


i still have this dream by robert coyne and jaki liebezeit
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"Sixteen intimate and melancholic song miniatures... Coyne's fascinating vocal accompanied by seemingly simple guitar that over the course of the album proves to be an almost complete replacement for a whole band. An exceptional artist."
(Thomas Schmidt, LP magazine)

woodland by wendy coyne

'Woodland Conspiracy' illustration by Wendy Coyne


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