Death Is Not My Destiny

"At the intersection of 'Obscured By Clouds' Floyd and Suicide with shards of soul and glam littering the place, 'Death...' is a genuinely understated classic"
(Lindsay Hutton, The Next Big Thing)

Woodland Conspiracy

"Sixteen intimate and melancholic song miniatures... Coyne's fascinating vocal accompanied by seemingly simple guitar that over the course of the album proves to be an almost complete replacement for a whole band. An exceptional artist."
(Thomas Schmidt, LP magazine)

The Obscure Department

"Robert Coyne sings soft, introspective songs, mostly to acoustic guitars, while Liebezeit plays his distinctive rhythms. Together, an almost meditative calm and a discreet hypnotic groove emerge: experiment successful."
(Rolling Stone)

"At once playful and sad, 'The Obscure Department' emanates warmth from the first to the last minute, captivating the listener cautiously but challengingly. Every tone, every nuance, every feeling is recognisably Coyne's, and finds its place in the work as a whole... Robert Coyne is musically already as good as his father Kevin and other icons." 4/5 stars.
(Ulf Kubanke,

"A virtuoso guitarist and one of the best drummers of all time... Liebezeit's instantly recognisable drums and Coyne's juicy guitar-playing are a perfect fit" 
(Tina Manske,


Golden Arc

"With or without accompaniment, Robert Coyne is one of the most impressive artists this century has brought to light."
(Thomas Schmidt, LP magazine)

"Unique and fascinating."
(Good Times magazine)

" An extremely talented singer songwriter who can produce considerable effects with seemingly small means.... What Robert Coyne says with his minimalist arrangements and the usually short texts has more depth than most others ever achieve."


"Eleven great songs from a gifted, charismatic songwriter...The man has style, and can be counted among the best contemporary singer/songwriters." 5/5 stars, Album of the Week.

(Manfred Krug,


I Still Have This Dream

" ... On 'Soothing Sounds' and the title track, Coyne's guitar-picking and Aglaja Camphausen's cello wind deliciously around Liebezeit's simple syncopations, while the 11-minute plus 'Thank You (I've Got The Idea) is a brilliantly arranged manipulation of space and sound." 4/5 stars
(Mike Barnes, Mojo magazine)

"Simple lyrics, almost Zen like in their sparseness, backed by wonderful instrumentation... Coyne and Liebezeit manage to weave layers within the songs, the guitar mesmerising at times as on 'In The Rehearsal Room' where Coyne's nimble picking throws flurries of notes in the listener's direction... All in all the album is a fine late night listen, the spare rhythms something of a balm."
(Paul Kerr, Blabber 'n' Smoke)


"This is the third disc of this alliance and it's surprising that it continues to work, especially given such a minimalistic approach -Jaki colouring with percussion, Robert whispering and caressing nuances with acoustic guitar. Above all it works because the songs are beautiful."
(Sergio Martos, Ruta 66 Magazine)


"Awash in subtle, deft changes in mood and style... sophisticated and artful. Interesting, and most certainly a creative pairing who know each other as well as they know themselves."
(Maurice Hope, Flyinshoes Review)


"The third of a series of increasingly amazing albums, I Still Have This Dream is a stunning composition of songs with a gentle, relaxing and tender tone... Coyne and Liebezeit are a masterful pair of musicians, each with their own specialist areas; when combined they have the power to make their music feel minimalistic and grandiose at the same time."
(Joe Knipe, Artree)


"A well-crafted, fully realised body of work." 7.8/10
(Steve Janes,

" Incisively compelling songs... Jaki Liebezeit has the less-is-more approach down to a featherlight but funky art. 'I Still Have This Dream' unfurls like a pastoral, psychedelic whisper as Liebezeit's skeletal pulses underpin Coyne's understated vocals and guitars." 4/5 stars (Kris Needs, Record Collector magazine)


Last Lion

"Last Lion' is one of the most diverse, fascinating and rewarding albums to reach these ears in 2016... Coyne's distinctive voice seems to effortlessly express emotion... one of those albums that makes an instant impression that doesn't diminish with repeated plays."
(Malcolm Carter,


"Last Lion is a work of rock on pop sensibility, and of experimental minimalism. A suggestive cocktail in which melodies predominate... songs and tunes that accompany you for hours, and intend to stay. With luck, this album should be at the top of lists for the best of the year in most publications."
(Sergio Martos, Ruta 66 Magazine)


"Beguiling time signatures and squelching analogue synths vie with blistering guitar solos and gorgeous powerpop harmonies... the title track is a masterclass in inventive guitar-picking. Delicious." 4/5 stars
(Gerry Ranson, R2 magazine)


"Coyne makes free with the power chord hooks, while maintaining a minimalist krautrock-ish hand on the production dials throughout... 'Last Lion' demonstrates his growing stature as a writer and frontman." 8/10
(Hugh Gulland, Vive Le Rock magazine)

" 'Last Lion' plugs in and amps up scuzzy vamps Coyne likens to "the MC5 as played by Kraftwerk". Enhanced by his dad's old drummer Werner Steinhauser, songs such as Guitar Playing Goon and The Grand Scheme bristle and churn, recalling anyone from Lou Reed and mid-period Stones to early REM." 4/5 stars
(Kris Needs, Record Collector magazine)



Memory Deluxe: I Knew Buffalo Bill

"An LP of beauty, intelligence and grace... too many songs here demand to be played again and again. I don't want the CD to end, ever."
(Robert Brokenmouth, I-94 Bar)

"Fourteen tracks of beautiful, brittle and blissed out Rock 'n' Roll, Suicide meets the Stones. Exile from the street, this is the future... The 21st Century waiting at the crossroads Blues; stark, simplistic and stripped down songs with a shining darkness that makes you feel warm inside."
(Nuzz Prowling Wolf)

"Terrific, sad stuff."
(Classic Rock)

"Gluck and Coyne have produced a modern classic that those departed original members would be proud of."
(Kris Needs, Shindig magazine)




Intreview with Sergio Martos for Ruta 66 magazine
(Ruta 66 magazine)




meyer records
Meyer Records


the great happiness

"The Great Happiness Space: Tale of an Osaka Love Thief"

Winner of the Best Documentary Feature Award at the 2006 Edinburgh International Film Festival

Directed by Jake Clennell
Music by Robert Coyne

"First-rate tech package includes aptly moody music score by Robert Coyne."
(Joe Leydon, Variety)


kevin coyne

Kevin Coyne, Turpentine Records UK: The official website for the singer, songwriter, artist and author and for Turpentine Records in the UK, selling CDs, archive releases, merchandise and more.
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