Jaki Liebezeit - a tribute


Hound of Fate - Robert Coyne feat. Werner Steinhauser, official video directed and produced by Boris Tomschiczek, Josef Mayerhofer & Rainer Schmidt.

'Hound of Fate' lyrics here

I've let myself go
I hope it don't show
I'm letting things blow
Wherever they want to

I'm on the downslope
I want to take it easy
I've given up hope
Of ever fitting those clothes again

Me and a basset hound
Watching the clock run down


Cockney Mystic - Robert Coyne, feat. Werner Steinhauser
23 April 2016 at Franziskus in Freystadt/Bavaria


Golden Arc - Robert Coyne feat. Werner Steinhauser,
live at The Kofferfabrik /Furth (Bavaria), 22 December 2015


Were You Here At All - Robert Coyne


Memory Deluxe - Jeremy Gluck & Robert Coyne


playing drums with The Scientists:

The Scientists - Set it On Fire


The Scientists - Braindead


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