Golden Arc

Robert Coyne with Jaki Liebezeit

(Meyer Records, 2014)
golden arc


1. New Arrangement
2. Golden Arc
3. The Gardener
4. Abandoned Song
5. Lullaby For Myself
6. Second Fiddle
7. A Toast To A Great Man
8. Away With The Fairies
9. Guiding Hand
10. A Short Review Of Your Life
11. Closer To You

Robert Coyne: acoustic guitar, keyboards, vocals
Jaki Liebezeit: drums
Aglaja Camphausen: cello, vocals
Wendy Coyne: vocals on track 5


i still have this dream by robert coyne and jaki liebezeit
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"With or without accompaniment, Robert Coyne is one of the most impressive artists this century has brought to light."
(Thomas Schmidt, LP magazine)

"Unique and fascinating."
(Good Times magazine)

" An extremely talented singer songwriter who can produce considerable effects with seemingly small means.... What Robert Coyne says with his minimalist arrangements and the usually short texts has more depth than most others ever achieve."


"Eleven great songs from a gifted, charismatic songwriter...The man has style, and can be counted among the best contemporary singer/songwriters." 5/5 stars, Album of the Week.
(Manfred Krug,

robert coyne and jaki leibzeit
Aglaja Camphausen


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