The Hiss of Life

Robert Coyne

(Meyer Records, 2022)
Available here.
golden arc


1. The Least I Can Do
2. By Popular Demand
3. Curse Of The Cat People
4. In The Grip Of The Strangler
5. You've Got To Move On Eventually
6. The Hiss Of Life
7. Dark Dance Hall
8. Wrong All Along
9. Take A Look At It Now
10. The Endless Tea
11. More Tea
12. Run Out

Robert Coyne: vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, bass, kettle
Werner Steinhauser: drums, percussion, vibraphone
Aglaja Camphausen: cello
Wendy Coyne: vocals
Bob Ward: lead and slide guitars on tracks 1 and 4


te hiss of life - reverse



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