Memory Deluxe:
I Knew Buffalo Bill 2

Robert Coyne & Jeremy Gluck

(Flicknife Records, 2014)
memory deluxe


1. Memory Deluxe
2. When Will Runs Out
3. I Don't Need To Know
4. We Will Fall Hard
5. Nowhere
6. Evelyn
7. Old Father Death
8. Sleeping, Sleeping
9. The Extra Mile
10. Blood
11. Killer
12. Rainshowers
13. Late And Lonely
14. Episode In A Town

Robert Coyne: guitar, bass, keyboards
Werner Steinhauser: drums and percussion
Jeremy Gluck: vocals
Tony Thewlis: lead guitar on track 10
Kate Ronconi: violin on track 8


i still have this dream by robert coyne and jaki liebezeit
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robert coyne and jeremey gluck

"An LP of beauty, intelligence and grace... too many songs here demand to be played again and again. I don't want the CD to end, ever."
(Robert Brokenmouth, I-94 Bar)

"Fourteen tracks of beautiful, brittle and blissed out Rock 'n' Roll, Suicide meets the Stones. Exile from the street, this is the future... The 21st Century waiting at the crossroads Blues; stark, simplistic and stripped down songs with a shining darkness that makes you feel warm inside."
(Nuzz Prowling Wolf)

"Terrific, sad stuff."
(Classic Rock)

"Gluck and Coyne have produced a modern classic that those departed original members would be proud of."
(Kris Needs, Shindig magazine)


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