Last Lion

Robert Coyne

(Turpentine, 2016)
last lion by robert coyne


1. How Can I Choose
2. Guitar Playing Goon
3. Last Lion
4. If I Were You
5. New World
6. All The Tired Horses
7. Woman With A Weasel
8. Underground
9. Burning Head
10. Hang Up My Rock & Roll Shoes
11. The Grand Scheme
12. Richie Has Put Some Weight On
13. No More Material


Robert Coyne: guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals
Werner Steinhauser: drums and percussion
Wendy Coyne: vocals on track 5


i still have this dream by robert coyne and jaki liebezeit
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(photo: Stefan Voit)

"'Last Lion' is one of the most diverse, fascinating and rewarding albums to reach these ears in 2016... Coyne's distinctive voice seems to effortlessly express emotion... one of those albums that makes an instant impression that doesn't diminish with repeated plays."
(Malcolm Carter,


"Last Lion is a work of rock on pop sensibility, and of experimental minimalism. A suggestive cocktail in which melodies predominate... songs and tunes that accompany you for hours, and intend to stay. With luck, this album should be at the top of lists for the best of the year in most publications."
(Sergio Martos, Ruta 66 Magazine)


"Beguiling time signatures and squelching analogue synths vie with blistering guitar solos and gorgeous powerpop harmonies... the title track is a masterclass in inventive guitar-picking. Delicious." 4/5 stars
(Gerry Ranson, R2 magazine)


"' Coyne makes free with the power chord hooks, while maintaining a minimalist krautrock-ish hand on the production dials throughout... 'Last Lion' demonstrates his growing stature as a writer and frontman." 8/10
(Hugh Gulland, Vive Le Rock magazine)

" 'Last Lion' plugs in and amps up scuzzy vamps Coyne likens to "the MC5 as played by Kraftwerk". Enhanced by his dad's old drummer Werner Steinhauser, songs such as Guitar Playing Goon and The Grand Scheme bristle and churn, recalling anyone from Lou Reed and mid-period Stones to early REM." 4/5 stars
(Kris Needs, Record Collector magazine)




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