Death Is Not My Destiny

Robert Coyne

(Turpentine, 2007)

1. Death Is Not My Destiny
2. Midnight Everywhere
3. Knightlife
4. Not Forever
5. Which One Of You
6. I Must Be The Best
7. Cats Like You
8. Fan Letter
9. Try To Remember
10. The Black Claw 
11. Shoot-out At The Zoo
12. The Receivers
13. The Animals
14. Does Your Dog Know What You Mean
15. Black Light
16. Golden Ages
17. What A Pleasure It's Been

Robert Coyne: guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, vocals
Werner Steinhauser: drums and percussion
Hugo Martin: guitar on tracks 8 and 15, bells on track 15
Diggory Kenrick: bass on track 14


i still have this dream by robert coyne and jaki liebezeit
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"At the intersection of 'Obscured By Clouds' Floyd and Suicide with shards of soul and glam littering the place, 'Death...' is a genuinely understated classic"
(Lindsay Hutton, The Next Big Thing)

robert coyne and kevin coyne Robert and Kevin Coyne outside Muddy Waters' house, Chicago 2002




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